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James Drake

James Drake's recent work explores both the human urge to communicate and the semiotic capacities of our words and gestures. The imagery of his most recent prints, A Thousand Tongues Burn and Sing and The Hands Say We Love You, was inspired by groups of women who stand on street corners outside an El Paso prison, using gestures and signs to communicate with their men inside the walls.

James Drake was born in Lubbock, Texas in 1946. He received his BFA in 1969 and MFA in 1970 from Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, California. Drake recently moved to New York City from El Paso, Texas, where he lived and worked for over twenty years. In 1996, he collaborated with Landfall Press on Salon of Eternal Souls and Salon of A Thousand Souls, a pair of four-color lithographs depicting haunted interior spaces, void of human habitation.

The Hands Say We Love You

The Hands Say
We Love You

2000 lithograph
19" x 37"
edition of 20

A Thousand Tongues
Burn and Sing

A Thousand Tongues Burn and Sing
2000 lithograph
20" x 43"
edition of 20

Feast of Four Rivers

Feast of Four Rivers
3 Color lithograph
117" x 168"
edition of 10